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Happy Birthday Yuxo!

Title : Jung Yunho and the Young Lady Lad

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Summary :
a HoMin fairytale

Author's note :
Inspired by an Irish fairytale I was told many times as a child. A birthday gift for the wonderful [info]yuxo  :D

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Once upon a time, in a place called Dong Bang, in the village of Shin Ki, lived Jung Yunho and his mother. Yunho was his mother’s sole support after the tragic loss of his father in a war now long forgotten by most. Yunho was strong of will and body, working tirelessly in the fields to ensure there was always food on the table and the home he shared with his mother continued to shelter them.

He was heralded by all the villagers as the most exceptional son they had ever laid eyes upon. None could recall a more dutiful - and handsome - young lad to ever grace the village. Of course, Yunho could have the occasional moment where he sometimes displayed a glaring loss of common sense - but his laughter always came first and loudest and the villagers always laughed along and forgave him his clumsiness.

Unbeknownst to the village folk, the love they shared for Yunho was felt by neighbors they never knew they had.

Tales were told of  the wee folk - the
Fae - who haunted the trees in the wood and would snatch naughty children from their bed - but never could the townspeople guess the truth to their stories and legend.

Yunho knew that the Fae had revels. He recalled seeing the dancing lights through the leaves on an evening stroll with his father when he was but a small child. Since then, Yunho kept a close watch for the lights signaling the revelry. He would make sure to leave the house, quietly as to not wake his mother, and creep as close to the edge of the woods as he dared. There he would sit and listen to the charming music he could just hear and imagine what the castle of the Fae and its inhabitants could be.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

The Eve of Samhain on the year Yunho turned twenty and four he left the house, grabbing his boot and hat, saying to his mother, “I’m going to the Castle of the Fae to seek my fortune.”

“ What! ” she cried, dropping her knitting to her lap, “ why would you dare venture there? You will be killed all because of some fool sense of adventure that has stolen over you! If you should die, what then, would become of me? Tell me that, Yunho. ”

“ Never fear. No harm shall come to you. This, mother, I swear on my father’s name.”

Hearing this serious oath, the poor widow had no argument to stop her beloved son from walking out the front door and into whatever fate awaited him on this night.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

Yunho slowed his steps when he had gone farther into the woods than he ever dared to venture before, letting the music that grew stronger as he approached guide his way. The castle loomed before him, seemingly one with the gold and russet trees that twisted into the night’s sky. Every window was ablaze with a warm, golden light. Halting in a grove, he listened to the lively chatter of the Fae, and the sound of such merriment made him all the more determined to proceed.

Fae all share two common qualities. The first being a height of a small child of four years or so and the other an exaggerated physical attribute that distinguished them from the rest of their Fae brethren.

Yunho gathered his courage about him and made his way over to three Fae dancing in circles closest to where he stood. Upon seeing the human they so favored, the Fae cheered and bid him to join their fun.

The first Fae just reached the top of Yunho’s strong thighs and seemed to have a head of such large size, that it would have been comical had the features gracing the ample cranium not been ethereal in their beauty.

“ Welcome, young Jung Yunho! My kin and I have watched you for many a year, hoping for the day you might join us. ”

The Fae grinned behind a small hand and gave a grand bow. “ My name is Jaejoong and my brothers here are called Junsu and Yoochun.”

With that he gestured to two Fae, one showing a rather prodigious behind and the other an immense forehead, both smiling and waving. “Come! Dance and be merry! ”

Time flew for Yunho, for he loved to dance - though with his wee friends he made sure to keep his usual sweeping and grand movements closer to his person than he would with his own kind.  He was enjoying himself very much when Junsu latched on to his arm with a laugh that reminded Yunho of something akin to what a beansidhe’s  wail might be like, were it a joyous sound rather than mournful.

“ We’re going to ride to the capitol city of Shim tonight, to steal a young lady! Will you ride with us Jung Yunho? ”

“ Aye, I will! ” cried Yunho, feeling his thirst for adventure from earlier in the evening return once again ten fold.

“ Follow us, and you shall see the Fae at their tricky best! ” promised Yoochun.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

A troop of horses waited in a nearby glen for the foursome. Yunho mounted the white steed closest to him and startled when it rose in midair.  The Fae laughed loudly at his plight and then gave a quick demonstration of how to stay seated while on their midnight journey.

Presently Yunho was flying over his mother’s cottage, surrounded by his new Fae friends, and on and on they went, over mountain range, over swift rivers, over deep valleys, small towns with burning bonfires of those celebrating Samhain with food, friends and laughter. It seemed to Yunho they flew around almost the whole of Dong Bang before arriving to Shim.

“ This is Shim,” breathed Jaejoong. “ Shim,” echoed Junsu and Yoochun staring out over the large city with wicked glee in their gazes.

It was no small cottage that the Fae had set out to visit, but one of the finest houses in all the capitol. The Shim Manor had held generations of the founding father of Dong Bang, his line growing strong and proud where he began his life’s work.

The troop dismounted on the roof near a large picture window. Peering inside from his spot on the ledge Yunho could see a beautiful face upon a pillow of a splendid bed. Before he could breath a word, Jaejoong slipped through the window and lifted the body from the bed, carrying it away wrapped in his cloak and leaving a bundle of sticks in the place where once someone had slept.

Quickly placing the sleeping form in front of Yoochun, the four returned to the sky and began their journey back to the woods of Shin Ki, giddy with success.

“ No! No, no, no! Jaejoong - you utter fathead! ”

The three turned to look at Yoochun. His forehead was so wrinkled in anger that his eyes almost disappeared from sight.

“ You’ve taken the wrong child! We wanted the Shim daughter. Th-thi-this is the Shim heir ! ”

With that Yoochun pulled back the cloak so that they could all see the truth of his statement. For in his arms was not a young lady, but a young lad , and Yunho could barely keep his gasp inside his body. He had never seen a more handsome, angelic face. High cheekbones led to a graceful slope of a nose above full, pouted lips whose color was more pink than his mother’s finest summer flowers. Yunho was certain it was fate that he should meet this young man and he love him for the rest of time.


Yunho, rudely startled out his lovesick daze, looked over his shoulder to see Junsu doubled over with laughter.

“ It was supposed to be the front window in the Shim Manor! Hell, he even looks like a girl -”

“ You’re one to talk...”

“ Shut UP, Junsu!”

Jaejoong’s temper tantrum was reaching dangerous proportions and Yoochun sighed and intervened before things became worse.

“ He still is a child of the Shim family. We can still keep him as a reward against the Shim’s who take part of their fortune from stealing the trees from our woods. They will have a bundle of sticks for a son and be none the wiser! ”

The matching vicious grins that spread across the brothers’ face suddenly gave Yunho a feeling of dread for the first time since he stepped foot out of his warm, safe cottage and into the realm where no mortal would have dared enter.

The Shim lad was placed before each rider and carried a short distance before being swapped to another to give each Fae time to gather strength for the long journey ahead.

As they came upon the village of Shin Ki and saw sight of the woods, Yunho spoke out.

“ You’ve all had a turn carrying the boy, why wouldn’t I get him for small time?”

“ Oh! So nice of you to offer. Here, carry him for the last leg of our trip, ” said a yawning Junsu as he placed the lad in front of Yunho.

Holding on to his prize tightly, Yunho kicked his heels into the side of his steed, causing him to drop out of the sky and on land right by the front of his mother's door.

“ YA! Jung Yunho! Is this how you treat us?! ”

Wincing at the shrill scream from Jaejoong and holding fast Yunho dismounted and took off at at a swift pace.

The Fae continued to shriek with anger and began to throw magic at the body held close in his arms. He could not tell what was in his possession for any length of time; one moment is was a small barking dog and the next a glowing bar of iron and then a sack of wool. Then, he was looking down into the face he would love better than any other and almost wept with relief.

Baffled by Yunho’s refusal to drop any burden the Fae began to turn away, when Jaejoong, feeling one last rush of vengeance exclaimed, “ Jung Yunho will know no happiness with the heir of our enemy - I shall make him deaf and mute, unable to respond to any sweet words that Yunho may try and use to woo him to his side! ” Throwing a last strike of magic over his shoulder, Jaejoong joined Junsu and Yoochun back on their horses and off they rode into the coming dawn.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~



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