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HoMin Fairytale Pt. 2

Title : Jung Yunho and the Young Lady Lad

Pairing :

Rating :

Words :  3700

Summary :
a HoMin fairytale

Author's note :
Inspired by an irish fairytale I was told many times as a child. A birthday gift for the wonderful [info]yuxo  :D

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Yunho stepped inside the cottage and gently laid the young lad onto the floor.

“ YUNHO! ” came the startled cry from his mother who was standing on the stairs, “ you wander away all night and this is how you return? What have the Fae done to you? ”

“ Nothing bad, Mother. I had the very best of luck. Here’s a beautiful young man that I’ve brought you for company! ”

“ You are as crazy as the day is long, Jung Yunho! ” His mother exclaimed as she sat heavily on the last step and for some minutes was so astonished the she could think of nothing further to say.

Yunho took her silence as his opportunity to tell the tale of his night’s adventure, ending with tearing eyes and a sorrowful, “surely you would not have allowed me to let this young man go with them and be lost forever? ”

“ But a wee lad, Yunho?! How can such a fine young man eat such poor meals as ours and live in such a poor way? I ask you that, you foolish son of mine. ”

“ Well, it is better for him here than it would be for him with the Fae brothers, that I can be sure of without a doubt.”

Meanwhile, the poor deaf and mute young man had awoken, shivering on the thin rug over a cold, hard floor. He sat up slowly and tried to make his way over to the fire burning in the small hearth without being noticed by either mother or son.

“ Oh you poor thing! You are so handsome! Why, your lashes are as long as the feathers on a dove and such a pretty mouth! Why those lips are more pink than my finest summer flowers! ”

Yunho smiled at his mother fondly and then turned his attention to the trembling Shim heir. Before he could take a step closer his mother gave him a swift smack to the back of his head.

“ Go and fetch some of your warmest clothes for our guest! Be quick about it!”

The poor lad suffered himself to be dressed and then sat at the kitchen table and stared in mute sorrow between both the cottage’s occupants.

“ What shall we do with a fine lad such as you! ”

“ I’ll work for you both, ” Yunho assured his mother.

“ How do you expect someone used to such fine living to survive as we do? ”

“ I’ll work for him, ” was Yunho’s answer.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

Yunho kept his word. The young lad was sad for a long time, silent tears stole down his cheek many an evening while Yunho’s mother spun by the fire. Yunho spent his net making fishing nets, hoping to add to the comfort of his much loved guest.

With all his sadness, the young man was always gentle towards his two caretakers. He tried to smile when he perceived them looking at him; and by degrees adapted to their customs and way of life. It was not long before he was helping feed the pigs and helping plant the seeds for the coming summer’s harvest. A few months after the young man had been kidnapped by the Fae and brought to Yunho’s small cottage, there transpired a pleasant surprise encounter for Yunho and Changmin.

For many days Changmin had sought the cottage for paper and a quill with ink so that he may write. Finding none, he waited for the first trip to market for the chance to try and show Yunho what he wanted. After some frustration on both ends, Changmin was able to buy the precious materials he needed.

That afternoon he made sure to drag Yunho to the table inside the cottage. Bidding Yunho to sit, he wrote careful, precise letters upon the page.

Can you read?

My name is Shim Changmin.

A large grin broke over Yunho’s face as he read the note. Grabbing Changmin’s hands in a tight grip he laughed brightly before taking up the quill.

Yes I can!

My name is Jung Yunho.

Hello, Changmin.

Welcome to my home.

Now it is our home.

I hope you are happy.

Changmin smiled shyly at Yunho before nodding slowly in reply.

Yes, I think I could be very happy.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

A year passed and soon it was once again Samhain. Yunho pulled on his boots and walked over to Changmin who was sitting by the fire. With a fond smile, he leaned down and placed a kiss upon soft hair, receiving a bashful but pleased smile in return.

“ I’m off to the Castle of the Fae to seek my fortune, my Changmin. ”

Wide brown eyes filled with terror stared back at him. A tight grip and a hard pull sent Yunho tumbling to the floor across Changmin’s feet. Soft hands trembled as they held his face and Yunho felt a tear splash onto his skin.

Reaching up, he wiped away the tears that stained his love’s face. A bright smile brought the sorrow to a confused stop, and Changmin waited patiently to hear the explanation he knew was coming.

“ One of the most painful things in my life is watching you, who I love more than any other, have words in your heart that you cannot speak. I may still hear everything as if it has come from those lips, but I long to know the sound of your voice more than any sound in the world. That voice, which belongs to you who I cherish, is what I shall bring back to you after this night. ”

Changmin’s hands slid from Yunho’s face to curl around the nape of his neck, slowly closing the gap between them.

Yunho melted into the kiss with a sigh, as soft lips closed over his with gentle insistence before feeling the firm, velvet glide of Changmin's tongue seeking entrance. He slanted his mouth, allowing Changmin  to deepen the kiss, wrapping arms around broad shoulders to keep himself upright.

Yunho reluctantly broke the kiss, smiling as he felt Changmin’s unhappy pout against his lips.

" When I return, you will be able to yell at me for that later. " Yunho smiled as he watched Changmin's face show surprise at his choice of words. With a wink, Yunho pulled himself up off the floor. A final loving glance was bestowed upon the worried face of his love and he was out the door and headed back to the place that had forever changed his life.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

" That was a damn dirty trick Jung Yunho played us on this very night last year, when he stole away that Shim brat from us. "

“ It was your fault Junsu! If you had held onto the lad, we would still have him! But no....you just wanted to sit on you BIG ASS AND - ”

Yunho crept closer to the sounds of Jaejoong and Junsu arguing. Peering around the tree he had chosen for cover, he could make out the forms of the three Fae brothers gathered around a fire, drinking heartily.

" Let it be, Junsu. Jaejoong punished Yunho well, making the Shim heir deaf and mute. He's of no use to Yunho that way. Well, no use for anything other than keeping his bed warm at night. "

Yunho saw red, so great was his rage to hear those lewd words from Yoochun's mouth. He started to make towards them when Junsu's next words stopped him short.

" Dumb farmer has no idea it can be fixed! Three drops of fairy wine and the Shim boy could hear those mushy love declarations and then shoot them down with a vicious tongue! "

Yunho's mind reeled at the implications of what he had just overheard. True, his goal tonight was to capture the Fae and force them to change Changmin back, but this worked just as well. Everyone knew it was nigh impossible to catch a Fae. Now, all Yunho had to do was lure them away from the wine and take it for his own.

Reaching down to his feet, Yunho began to unlace his best boots. Another well known fact about Fae, they cannot help themselves when it comes to shoes. They love shoes more than anything - more than wine, more than gold. Once barefoot, Yunho walked some distance from the tree before tossing the boots towards Jaejoong's back.

- THUD  -

Whirling at the sound, the three Fae darted glances around the clearing looking for the offender, when Jaejoong's sight landing on the boots.

A maniacal laugh shook his small frame while he began to dance - if one could call the strange rocking and swaying of his body dancing - from side to side.

" BOOTS! They are mine! MINE! I SAW THEM FIRST! "

Launching himself over the boots, Jaejoong began to kick and flail his legs to fend off his advancing brothers. Soon it was a pile of flailing Fae bodies clamoring for possession of the prized boots.

Taking his chance, Yunho dashed to the forgotten wine lying by the fire. As soon as he had a firm grasp of the bottle he took off running for home as fast as his long legs could carry.

Yunho never knew how he reached the cottage, but he arrived there breathless and sank next to Changmin by the fireside.

" You have doomed yourself for sure this time, Yunho, " said his mother softly from her chair. She was surprised to see a delighted grin bloom across her son's face.

" No, indeed, better luck than ever this time! "

He held out the bottle of wine to Changmin, motioning that the boy should take a drink.  A look of apprehension settled on Changmin's face, but he trusted Yunho more than anyone. Courage gathered about him, Changmin opened the bottle of wine and brought it to his mouth for a long sip.

Yunho felt panic seize him when Changmin dropped the bottle and began to clutch at his throat, coughing violently.

" Changmin! Changmin! Are you alright? "

" I'm fine. "

A long silence met the words that slipped without thought from Changmin's mouth. The atmosphere in the room quickly changed from shocked disbelief to loving and excited celebration.

" You can talk! You can hear! Changmin - you're cured! "

Grabbing him into a fierce hug, Yunho felt Changmin sag against him in relief. A year spent in total silence now broken with the help of the person he loved most. Changmin lifted his head from where it rested on Yunho's chest to see the single tear that had escaped from one of his eyes.

" I've waited a year to hear your voice. Nothing in my dreams has even come close to how wonderful a sound it is. I want you to say my name again. Please? Say it, say ' Changmin '. "

" Changmin. "


" Shim Changmin. "

" Yunho. "

Hearing his name from Changmin's mouth for the first time was enough to make Yunho the happiest man alive. He could barely contain the warmth threatening to burst his chest wide open.

" Changmin, I love you. " A wide, beautiful smile lit up Chagmin's face at those words. He had known that Yunho loved him, a whole year with the man was more than enough time for Yunho to use every chance he got to show Changmin that was true.

" I love you too, Yunho. "

They did not need words. But now, both Yunho and Changmin would be sure to say them every second they could at every moment of the day.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

And so they lived happily ever after.....

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~

Jaejoong got the boots.

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~


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Sep. 19th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
Haha. This was pure win! I never laughed so hard.

The Fae brothers crack me up.
Reaching down to his feet, Yunho began to unlace his best boots. Another well known fact about Fae, they cannot help themselves when it comes to shoes. They love shoes more than anything - more than wine, more than gold. Once barefoot, Yunho walked some distance from the tree before tossing the boots towards Jaejoong's back.



Sep. 20th, 2010 12:37 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D

The Fae brothers are a little full of fail, but that's common for some of their kind. ;P

Oct. 25th, 2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
JJ got his shoes
am sure that totally took his mind off Changmin
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