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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Author: b_e_g_i_n  
Title: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Rating: G
Summary: Yunho reads Changmin a bed time story.
Warnings: This is my very first fic! Please be gentle  ;A;

Yunho is no stranger to insomnia. In the beginning, the weight of being a leader, the one responsible for every missed detail and perceived failure, fell heavily on his shoulders. Most nights were spent half asleep thinking of the next day's schedule. Now, the things keeping him awake had gone from four to one.

The one left also happened to be the most important.

Changmin had been having trouble sleeping for weeks. Yunho noticed the slight tension that stayed along his boyfriend's shoulders and down through his thighs when they were curled up in bed together. No amount of soothing hands and calm whispers from him seemed to offer Changmin any relief.

Yunho had made a silent decision to find some way to help Changmin find a peaceful night's sleep.

/ / / /

Changmin closed the door softly behind him when he returned back to their shared apartment that night. Sore and sweaty from his work-out at the gym he was dreading the sleepless night he knew was ahead of him.

" Min," Yunho called softly from his spot just inside the doorway.

"Yunho. You didn't have to wait up for me. I told you I might be late."

A small shrug of shoulders and a small smile were his response. Shaking his head fondly Changmin made his way over to Yunho and placed a small kiss on his cheek, making sure to keep his sweaty body from dripping onto his lover.

" I have a surprise for you. Why don't you shower and then meet me in bed, hmm?"

Changmin's eyebrows slowly raised up his forehead, feeling a little wary of what his boyfriend might mean. "Yunho, you knowhow much I love you and if I could I would spend every minute in bed with you but tonight I really..."

Yunho's laugh caught him off guard. " No, not that kind of surprise. Something to help you sleep."

Changmin's sigh caused another spark of laughter before he was being pushed in the direction of the bathroom.

"Shower! Then come get your surprise."

Waving off his impatient boyfriend he made his way slowly to the end of the hall. Really, what could Yunho have planned? Shaking his head, Changmin turned on the shower and tried to not think of all the terribly cheesy options he could imagine Yunho coming up with.

/ / / /

"You're going to read me a bed time story."

Yunho cringed inwardly at the scorn he could detect in Changmin's tone. Steeling himself to move forward with his plan, he patted the empty side of the bed to beckon Changmin closer.

" It's  a good idea! I used to fall right asleep when my mother read my a story. I want to try it on you. Please?" He turned big, pleading eyes to where Changmin stood hovering at the end of their bed.

"Oh, don't - not the face, you know I can't stand- ugh! Fine, fine...."

Yunho made sure to keep his victory flailing to a minimum. Holding back the covers he let Changmin slide beside him and get comfortable, feeling his head settle onto Yunho's shoulder.

"Well? Read away!"

Yunho cleared his throat and began to read softly,

' Goodnight room '

' Good night moon '

Goodnight cow jumping over the moon '

There was a small puff of air on his neck, indicating Changmin's either an impending sarcastic tirade or amusement - he couldn't tell - but he read on,

' And the red balloon '

' Goodnight friends who are far away '

' And who we keep in our hearts everyday '

' Goodnight melodies heard in the night '

' Goodnight laughter loud and bright '

' Goodnight tender loving care'

' Who always spent too much time on his hair '

This time Yunho was positive the snort from the head beneath his chin had everything to do with amusement. He allowed himself a brief smile before continuing,

' Goodnight to the one I love the most '

' Who I pray will always wish to keep me close. '

' Goodnight and so say I, hush  '

' We still have the stars '

' We still have the air '

' We still have noises everywhere '

' Goodnight Changmin '

Yunho slowly closed the book in front of him and gently laid it down beside him.

" You're English has either gotten worse, or that story is different than how I remember it," came Changmin's voice softly after a few moments of silence.

"Well, I may have taken some artistic liberties. But, I wanted it to be your bed time story, Chamgin-ah."

Yunho placed a hand under Changmin's chin and tilted his face up to see his reaction. He was meet with a wide grin battling hooded eyes.

" I loved it. In fact, I think I may just have the best night of sleep in my life."

Yunho let himself lean down to place a soft, chaste kiss to Changmin's grinning mouth. Pulling away gentle he slid his body down into the covers, bringing Changmin with him to rest his head on his chest.

" That's exactly what I wanted to hear."




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